Toast (honey whole wheat, german rye, daily special) 1.25, Side of organic potatoes 2.50, Side of organic Jam 0.50, One local egg or tofu 1.99

in our homemade whole wheat crust. Prepared with local free range eggs and our bakers choice of cheeses, veggies and other special ingredients.

Add chili 1.99, add jalapenos 0.75, add sour cream 0.99, add avocado 0.99, add onions 0.25, add salsa 0.99, add mixed greens 0.75

All served on organic mixed greens and with one side of dressing vegan ranch, thousand island, honey mustard, toasted sesame ginger vinaigrette, roasted red pepper vinaigrette and olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Pick one: Chili, Salsa, Portobello, Fool your mom, Taco Tempeh, Tuna Salad, Turkey each additional: 0.99
Pick one: Avocado, Hummus, Tabouli, Farmers Cheese, Swiss Cheese, Soy Cheese, Walnuts, Fakin, each additional: 0.75
Pick one: Red onion, Red pepper, Jalapenos, Olives, Tomatoes, Sprouts, Pumpkin Seeds, Carrot Shreds each additional: 0.30

Served on honey whole wheat, german rye or gluten free bread choose a side carrots, tortilla chips or greens

Made with 100%: Apple juice, orange juice, whole milk, skim milk, soy milk or almond milk (+0.99)
Add to any smoothie for 0.99: kale, spinach, peanut butter, flaxmeal, whey protein, hemp protein, spirulina

*To go orders - the cost of the container will be passed on to the customer